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Are you a young, sexy girl with an open mind?

This might just be the kind of work for you. Our escort agency is currently recruiting, thanks to a rapid growth in the business, we are constantly looking for new girls to fill our ranks. We are currently looking for young, discreet individuals that like to make others dreams come true, if you like to make people feel good, work on their self esteem and you have an open mind when it comes to other peoples sexual preferences this job is perfect for you. We need you to be aware that we do not recruit just any girls, you must have that special kind of air about you, a mix of confidence and sexual aura, that kind of an attitude that makes people turn their heads when you pass by on a sidewalk. Your body must also be a thing of beauty, you must take care of it, work out at the gym, get tan in a tanning salon and have nice hair so clients find you more than desirable, they should feel like little boys infront of their first crush, speechless. We would also prefer you to be fluent in English and other languages would definitely be desirable so you can communicate with clients from all over the world.

You may also be required to be knowledgeable in a specific field that a client provides so reading up on a few topics in a short amount of time would be great, so you do not embarrass a customer in front of his colleagues on some specific date. As our employee we guarantee you numerous perks including a high pay so you can afford all the things that we require of you, health insurance, safety during and after your meetings with clients and various other benefits like gym membership, an occasional spa day and many other nice things. Escorts in London live a good life, we promise you that. If we consider you a valuable asset in our firm, we might even sponsor a plastic surgery or two if you would like so.

If our London Escort job still appeals to you, please go ahead and send us photographs of yourself, body measurements, your education and job history and expectancies.

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