Hi boys and men – my name is Katerina and I simply love what I do. Escorting is a big part of my life and by the time I am preparing myself to go to my agency and put on my dress and carefully apply make up to look best for my dear Customer, I am full of excitement and wondering who will I meet and what is going to happen tonight. It is very satisfying to live your life to the fullest, and if you want me to teach you how to do it, just call the office and ask them to send me to your hotel room or house straight away! I will be like an energy drink for you after a long day of work.
Hi there – my name is Gina and I am a slim but busty brunette stunner from Eastern Europe. I have a natural 36 C and very proud of it, I like to wear a tight top or a baby doll to show and expose a bit of my body – nothing wrong with that, when you know that your body looks great! I think it is a bit sad that women are told to be shy and submissive and not to dress provocatively - I, on the other hand, love it! Don’t get me wrong – I am a very warm and kind soul, I just enjoy my sexuality a lot and I am perfectly aware of my physical assets. If you like them too, then give me a call!
Hi, my name is Freda and I am a slender blonde with an athletic tanned body deliciously shaped in the gym which I am sure you will appreciate. I have medium size bust and a classy, elegant touch to my appearance. High heels, an elegant dress and thoughtfully selected accessories, this is all me. I love meeting new gentlemen and I find it highly entertaining that we can explore and discover new things together - I want to enjoy your company in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere from the beginning to the end, so if you are that fine man who wants to meet a sophisticated girl then I am the one.
Hi there and welcome, my name is Emma, the Latvian brunette playmate of numerous skills. So if you want to gratify yourself with some premium quality treatment tonight, then my company will be just what the doctors ordered. I have a strikingly beautiful body and kind ways, so that you don‘t have to give it a second thought whether we will like each other or not - I will make you feel as if we have known each other for years, so that you can feel safe and comfortable in my arms. To see for yourself how good could that be, just ask me out by phone.
Hi there, my name is Cornelia and I am reckless in search of my perfect man... I want to see as much of them as possible, before I finally choose one and settle down. So if you think that my approach to life sounds fun, then be my sexy date tonight, I love the diversity and guys of all ages and nationalities, and London is a very good place to meet many different amazing people. So don’t hesitate and show me all your secrets, I love to learn but not from books but from experience! I am a young 23 year old slim brunette with big hazel eyes, so you shouldn’t have a second of hesitation whether you like me!
Hello and welcome – my name’s Coco and I am a petite, slim escort with dark hair and fresh, pretty looks that will win your heart at instant. I might look very fragile but I am actually capable of surprising you a lot. My favourite thing in my profession is to see one Customer on a regular basis, because then I can learn and memorise well all the little things that he likes, so that significantly improves the quality of service and you are more and more satisfied each time we see each other. Call one of the numbers provided and ask the receptionist about Coco to see me immediately.
Dear boys and men – I hope you are glad what you see because I am to please you senseless tonight. I can make men follow me like bees and make their heads become full of sinister thoughts, thanks to my delicious body and the skills which allow me to do some real gymnastics with it! I am nothing like shy and I know very well how much I am worth, my service is very good. So if you want to try some mind-blowing entertainment, you must book me and no one else. I am very polite and well mannered, but I am also not afraid of any challenge or a crazy idea!
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